Principles and demands:

Healthy currency

A currency is healthy if it is sufficiently covered with gold reserves.


Whoever levies taxes from the citizens must consequently give the citizens a right to participate in the decision on how to use the tax money levied. Whoever degrades taxpayers and performers to objects of exploitation kills off the middle class.


A government devaluing the own currency by immoderately printing new money robs savers of their faithfully earned money. This is irresponsible and unlawful. It violates the right to own property as guaranteed by the constitution.

Right to resist

The citizen whose government devalues the own national currency through inflation has a right to resist.

He or she may invest their property wherever it is protected from the unconstitutional monetary devaluation of governments.

Withdrawal from the IMF

Greedy major banks with their irresponsible credit policies have caused the crisis in the financial sector.

The investors, who have invested their money at their own risks, are the victims.

Today the International Monetary Fund (IMF) operates with a credit policy that is no less irresponsible, merely to save ailing, overindebted public budgets. This goes at the expense of the taxpayers, who are refused any chance to exert some influence.

We demand the withdrawal from the IMF.

Right to own property

In a free state, there may be, and must be, banks enabling investors that are persecuted by unlawful regimes to deposit their faithfully earned funds in safety.

Yes, I want to support these demands